• RoHS2 Certified

TOYOCONNECTOR TC3-FST Coupling Dedicated couplings for food, cosmetic, and chemical equipment and facilities piping(Dedicated Couplings for FUSSO THERMO-S100°C Hoses)

Dedicated couplings for food, cosmetic, and chemical equipment and facilities piping (Toyox dedicated hose coupling)

[Prevents Fluid Accumulation]
Hygienic design with a nipple shape that prevents fluid accumulation in piping for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Can also be used for foreign substance contamination measures.

[Easy Installation]
Quick and easy insertion without the need to warm up the hose thanks to the coupling insert being the same size as the hose.

[Prevents Leaks and Disconnections]
Special sleeve structure for a secure fit, helping to ensure stable production by preventing fluid leaks, hose disconnections, and other production-related problems.

[Reduces Piping Work]
Uniform installation with no need for cumbersome clamp alignment, torque control, or retightening.

[Stainless Steel]
Rust-resistant and hygienic stainless-steel design.


*The TOYOCONNECTOR is designed as a genuine coupling for Toyox hoses. Toyox makes no guarantee that the TOYOCONNECTOR will function properly if connected to another manufacturer’s hose.
*This coupling is not for routine disassembly cleaning.

  • Guidance
  • Coupling Design Chart
  • List of Compatible Hoses
Connection Surface Connection Method Inner Diameter for Hose (mm) / Coupling Specification
Hose Side Cap Nut 12,15,19,25
Device Side Ferrule 10A,15A,1S,1.5S
Product no. TC3-FST
Fluids Air Chemicals Drinking Water Foods Oils Water (Non-drinkable)
Primary Material SUS
Materials Detail Nipple: SUS316L
Cap nut: SCS13 (SUS304 equivalent)
Sleeve: PVDF
Functionality Easy to installPrevents leakage and disconnectionPrevents liquid poolingReusableStandardization of work
Certification RoHS2 (RoHS Revised) Certified


  • Prevents leaks and disconnections

    Attaches securely to the hose with a cap nut, eliminating fluid leaks and hose disconnections.

  • Standardization of work (hyojunka)

    Fasten the cap nut fully to complete the operation.
    Work can be performed reliably and consistently regardless of the person doing the job.

  • Reusable

    Fastened with a cap nut, this coupling is economical because it can be used again and again, unlike caulked fittings.

  • Sanitary

    The shape of the nipple prevents liquid pooling, making it sanitary and perfect for conveying food, cosmetic, and chemical.
    Made from stainless steel 〔SUS316L and SCS13 (SUS304 equivalent)〕, the TC3-FST is rust-resistant and sanitary.

  • Waste reduction

    Coupling units can be reused, reducing waste and cutting costs.

  • Reduced washing time

    The shape of the nipple prevents liquid pooling, so disassembly is not required for washing, which saves time.

  • Can be installed on-site

    The cap nut coupling makes attachment easy, allowing the hose to be simply cut to length where it will be used, unlike caulked fittings.

Schematic Drawing
Coupling Standards Chart · Schematic Drawing · TC3-FS
Part Number Applicable Hose ID Coupling Specs Dimensions (mm) Weight Packing Unit
(mm) L φd1 Width across flats A B C HEX g pc
TC3-FST12-10A 12 FERRULE 10A 50.0 10.0 21.0 34.0 27.5 14.0 27.0 185 20
TC3-FST15-15A 15 15A 55.0 13.3 21.0 34.0 27.5 17.5 30.8 215 20
TC3-FST15-1S 1S 55.0 13.3 27.0 50.5 43.5 22.6 30.8 271 10
TC3-FST19-15A 19 15A 57.0 16.9 21.0 34.0 27.5 17.5 35.8 265 10
TC3-FST19-1S 1S 60.0 16.9 27.0 50.5 43.5 22.6 35.8 334 10
TC3-FST25-1S 25 1S 63.2 22.6 27.0 50.5 43.5 22.6 43.8 438 10
TC3-FST25-1.5S 1.5S 63.2 22.8 36.0 50.5 43.5 35.7 43.8 446 10
Nipple: SUS316L
Cap nut: SCS13 (SUS304 equivalent)
Sleeve: PVDF
Compatible Hoses : 1Hoses
Material : SUS
Primary MaterialTetrafluoride Based Fluorine Resin
Break Proof
Chemical Resistant
Heat Resistant
Low Elusion
Low Odor
Oil Resistant (Animal and Vegetables)
Oil Resistant (Mineral)
Product no.FSTH100C
CertificationFDARoHS2 Certified
Product CodeCompatible Hoses
Inner Diameter(mm)
Coupling Specification
Replacement Sleeve Set
Replacement Sleeve
Part Number Packing Unit
TC3-FST12-S 20
TC3-FST15-S 20
TC3-FST19-S 10
TC3-FST25-S 10

Sleeve : PVDF

Attachment Method

1 Remove the cap nut from the nipple. Attachment Method · Model Shown1
2 Pass the cap nut through the hose. Attachment Method · Model Shown2
3 Insert the hose all the way to the end of the nipple.
*Check to ensure that the sleeve bottom pins and the nipple pin holes are in alignment before inserting the hose to the hose opening surface.
Attachment Method
Attachment Method
4 Fasten the cap nut until no gap remains.
*Use a commercially available sanitary clamp to secure the hose to the pipe.
*Make sure the hose is not twisted when attaching to the pipe.
Attachment Method

Attachment Tool

Use a wrench such as a regular adjustable or monkey wrench to finish tightening. Do not, however, use a pipe wrench as it will damage the nut portion.