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How to Cut Steel-Wire-Reinforced PVC Hose

Braided hoses with reinforcing threads can be easily cut with a sharp knife, but when steel wiring is used for reinforcement, how do you cut the hose?

A special tool is needed to cut steel-wire-reinforced PVC hoses. For example, cutting pliers or wire cutters such as used for cutting wire may be used.

These tools can often be found in toolboxes.

[Cutting pliers]

[Wire cutter]

However, when pincers or a wire cutter is used, the wire often sticks out from the hose, creating a sharp hazard. Also, wire cutters are often made for cutting softer metal such as electrical wire, and the cutting blades may be damaged when cutting hard metal such as that used in hoses.

Pincers are a tool that cuts at the tip, and the cutting surface is almost completely flat such that when the plastic part is held down during cutting, the end generally does not come out. Also, the cut is generally not sharp and dangerous.


Refer to the images or video below for how to cut a steel-wire-reinforced PVC hose.

1. Set the blade at a right angle to the hose and cut the plastic part between the steel wiring.

2. When the plastic is cut, pull gently on both hose lengths to expose the wire.

3. Then, use pincers to cut the wire.
Finally, check to make sure no wire is protruding from the plastic.