Product Code: TPE100C TOYOTOP-E100°C HOSE

  • RoHS2 Certified

TOYOTOP-E100°C Hose (Heat-resistant, wear-resistant, antistatic)

The TOYOTOP-E 100°C Hose is a heat-resistant, wear-resistant, antistatic hose ideal for the transport of high-temperature resin pellets in resin molding plants.With heat resistance performance up to 100°C, it can be used for the suction and pressure feed of engineering-plastic type powder and granular materials after predrying. Hose bending and collapsing due to high temperatures can be prevented. As well, in addition to fewer holes in hoses and contamination risks due to fragments of hoses and grounding wires (copper wires), productivity can also be improved by preventing raw material clogging, etc., due to static electricity.Reinforcement with metal wire enables stable transport with excellent shape retention even at high temperatures, and the use of wear-resistant special urethane for the inner surface of the hose provides at least three times the durability of conventional products (TOYOX product comparison).
As well, unlike hoses with general antistatic agents added, the structure of this hose integrates metal wires which accumulate static electricity and an antistatic band with a grounding function, maintaining stable antistatic effects in the long term. Further, the hose has a seamless interior structure which helps prevent plastic powder clogging.

Grounding is also simple. Just mount the dedicated grounding clip on the antistatic band which runs through the hose exterior, thus reducing work time.

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*Do not use with fluids other than plastic powder and granular materials
*For efficient long-term antistatic effects, use the dedicated grounding clip
*After attaching the clip, check the continuity with a tester or similar device that has a measurement range of at least ×10K.
(for the mounting method, see here)

  • Guidance
  • Use Example
  • Standards Chart by Size
Use Engineering plastic type powder and granular materials (for high-temperature transport in drying equipment, etc.)
Fluid Powders
  • Anti Abrasion
  • Anti Static
  • Break Proof
  • Flexible
  • Heat Resistant
  • Pressure
  • Transparent
  • Vacuum
Certifications RoHS2 Compliant
Method Primary Material: Special Polyruethane
Materials: Hard steel wire
Diameter: 32mm~50mm
Temperature Range: -5℃ ~100℃


  • Prevents hose bending and collapsing due to high temperatures

    • With heat resistance performance up to 100°C, it can be used for the suction and pressure feed of engineering-plastic type powder and granular materials after predrying
    • Reinforcement using metal wire with excellent shape retention prevents hose bending or collapsing even at high temperatures, enabling stable transport.
      (for comparison test results, see here)
    • Excellent flexibility also makes piping work easy

  • Prevents holes and foreign matter contamination due to wear

    • Wear-resistant special urethane resin used for the inner surface of the hose. Realizes at least 3 times the durability of conventional products *TOYOX product comparison
      (for comparison test results, see here)
    • Prevents molding defects due to contamination with fragments of hose or grounding wire (copper wire)
    • Long life helps reduce hose replacement frequency

  • Prevents transport issues due to static electricity

  • Prevents production issues due to foreign matter contamination

    • Plastic powder is less likely to accumulate inside the hose as it is smooth and seamless.
      (For details of the seamless structure, see here)
    • Prevents grounding thread (lead wire) contamination, as grounding threads (lead wires) are not used in the hose exterior. *TOYOX product comparison
    • Highly transparent material makes the fluid visible for safe and secure operation

  • Complies with various laws and regulations for safety and security

    • Safe and secure due to its compliance with RoHS2 regulation

    *This hose does not use phthalate plasticizers

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Standards Chart by Size: Temperature Range -5℃ ~ 100℃

Product Code Inner dia. x Outer dia.
Use pressure
Use pressure
Standard weight
Standard length
Minimum bend radius
TPE100C-32 32×44.6 -0.1~0.2 -0.03~0.1 15.1 20 260
TPE100C-38 38×50.6 -0.1~0.2 -0.03~0.1 17.6 20 300
TPE100C-50 50.8×64.5 -0.1~0.2 -0.03~0.1 26.1 20 400

Packaging: Film packing

Coloring: Natural transparent
*-0.1 MPa is an approximate value. The product may not be used for some applications. See “Vacuum Pressure Reference Region“.

For barb fittings, use a nipple diameter 5% to 15% larger than the inner diameter of the hose (depending on the hose inner diameter).
*Click here for a simple size chart

Grounding clip (TFE/TPE100C)

Part Number Applicable hose Packing Unit
TOYOFOODS grounding clip
*This is not a hose clamp.
TFEC-32 TOYOTOP-E100°C-32 10

Here for attachment instructions.

Hose Size Hose Connection HosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHosebandHoseband
Coupling Specification CouplerCouplerCouplerCouplerAdapterAdapter
Primary Material Aluminum Alloy SUS Aluminum Alloy SUS Aluminum Alloy SUS 
Product no. 633-C-AL 633-C-SST 633-CL-AL 633-CL-SST 633-E-AL 633-E-SST
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
  • RoHS2 Certified
Product Code
Inner dia.
Outer dia.
TPE100C-32 32 44.6
TPE100C-38 38 50.6
TPE100C-50 50.8 64.5